You have started your 2017 Buddy Walk Team and want to spread the word and grow your team! 

The simplest way to encourage your friends and family is to share your efforts on social media. This can be done right from your Team Page. CLICK HERE for a help posting your team on Facebook.

You may also want to compose an email or letter to family, friends, co-workers, etc. asking them to support your efforts by joining or donating to your team. CLICK HERE for a sample letter to help you get started.

Once someone joins your team, you may want to thank them and invite them to join in your efforts by enlisting their contacts to support this great cause. CLICK HERE for a sample thank you letter to team members that encourages them join you in your fundraising efforts. (Note: Everyone who joins or donates to your team will automatically get a thank you email.) You can attach this INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING GUIDE to help them with their efforts.

If you have any questions or need any technical help, please feel free to email

Get The Word Out